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We also provide one-to-one Orthodontic Training to Associate Doctor

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orthodontic on-line training

3d-Simulation to help you learn the concept with ease. 

orthodontic learning on-line

Orthodontic Learning at your leisure -5 minutes a day.  

Orthodontic Learning

Sample Case

Orthodontic Learning

We offer 3 levels of training-Beginning-Intermediate-Advance.

online orthodontic learning


Topic Outline 

1.  Diagnose and Orthodontic Record

2.  Concepts of Growth and Development

3.  Etiology of Orthodontic Problems

4.  Malocclusion and Dentofacial Deformity

5.  Orthodontic Treatment Planning

6.  Treatment of Skeletal Problems

7.   Preventive and Interceptive  Treatment

8.   Treatment of Skeletal Problems in Children

9.   First Stage of Comprehensive Treatment:  Alignment and Leveling

10.   Second Stage of Comprehensive Treatment:  Correction of Molar and Canine Relationship 

11.   Third Stage of Comprehensive Treatment:  Finishing

12.  Biomechanic  Principles in Orthodontic Force Control

13.   Treatment of Skeletal Problems in Children

14.    Orthodontic and Orthopedic Appliances

15.   Risk Management and  Practice Management

16.   Orthodontic Marketing

Clinical Case Exercise

1.  Case #1

2.  Case #2

3.  Case #3

4.  Case #4

5.  Case #5

6.  Case #6

7.  Case #7

8.  Case #8

9.  Case #9

10.  Case #10


Fall Graduate Orthodontic Programs


1.  Classic Orthodontic Literature Review

2.  Contemporary Evidence-Based Orthodontic Journal Club

3.  Radiology and Cephalometrics

4.  TMD and Occlusal Concepts

5.  Orthodontic History and Ethics

6.  Scientific Writing and MDS Research Protocol

7.  Dental Science Core: Research Methods

8.  Dental Science Core: Oral Sciences I

9.  Dental Science Core: Biomechanics & Biomaterials




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